Cybersecurity and you

In a recent article from Natwest plc they highlight the on-going need to remain vigilant about the security of your information and computing systems. You could be under attack now regardless of size. Over the last 12 months business have reported cyber attacks:
  1. 28% of micro businesses report
  2. 40% of small sized businesses
  3. 60% of medium sized businesses
These numbers will only get larger and the attacks more sophisticated. Indeed 29% of SME’s conform that they have lost a client as the result of a cycber security issue. If you ae unsure about how to go about testing or improving your cyber security protection and financial security, then M4siz can help you navigate your way through the minefield. You are not alone some 32% of like minded businesses with basic challenges struggle to get sensible advise.
Let M4Siz EMPHASIZE your cyber security today.
Remember, at least 40% of companies affected by a cyber attack are more likely to close due to the damage inflicted by the attack